cache_4103998715Actor and Director Frank Cannon was born in Liverpool, but now resides in Belfast.  This 6’4″ gentle giant is an emerging force in the field of acting.  His natural talent and dedication to his craft have paid off in an increasing demand for his skills in productions far and wide.

Frank’s growing list of IMDB credits include prominent films such as High Rise, Morgan and The Lost City of Z. Most recently he directed the UK unit shoot of the popular Redbox horror film, 6 Feet Below Hell. In addition to his film credits, he can also be found in a number of popular TV productions like Game of Thrones, The Frankenstein Chronicles, Ghost Adventures, The Fall and Line of Duty,

Frank is heavily involved with young filmmakers in the Northern Ireland area, contributing his time to numerous student films and independent shorts produced by a generation destined to become tomorrow’s great directors, producers and crew. He can also be spotted in several local advertisements and heard on a BBC production as the voice of John Lennon.

You can check out Frank’s CV and SHOWREEL or browse through our photo gallery of headshots and stills from various productions. He is also on Spotlight (4938-8944-6654).

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